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Keep your eyes open—our satisfied customers, the kissed babies—have been spotted around the world: in all 10 provinces in Canada; in 46 of 50 states in the U.S.; and in various countries, including: Australia; Belgium; Brazil; Croatia; Denmark; England; Finland; France; Germany; Ireland; The Netherlands; Norway; Scotland; Spain; and Sweden!

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Below is a selection of praise from just a few of our many satisfied customers around the world:

A great Canadian product that will be very useful!
Kindest regards,
Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, Montréal, Canada

[. . .] it's the most glamorous baby sling I've ever seen. I can't wait to use it. Congratulations on such a beautiful, functional product.
—Dayna Devon, Host of "Extra"/Actress, California, U.S.A.
My sling arrived Monday. I am really enjoying it. (my 6-month-old is, too!) The directions that you included were great. This sling is much easier than the padded one to adjust. [...] I only have one complaintI can never go anywhere without someone commenting on my wonderful sling!!!!!!
—L.H., Sautee, Georgia
I LOVE IT!! I much prefer it to the H2H [Heart to Heart sling], and E. did too. He's snuggled in much closer and rode for much longer. Thank you so very much!
—A.R., Mississauga, Ontario
My wife purchased a sling from you some months back. I have to say that she loves it dearly, so much so that she won't let me use her sling when we take the twins out. So, I need to order a sling of my own.
—C.G., Boca Raton, Florida
I just got your sling in the mail today and I LOVE it! I immediately took it to the grocery store and wore T. in it while I was shopping. I had 3 different people approach me and ask about it! I have a Maya Wrap, a Kangaroo Korner fleece pouch, and an OTSBH [Over The Shoulder Baby Holder], and your sling is by far the most comfortable!!! I have narrow shoulders, and I love the way that it covers my shoulder . . . soooooo comfy!!!
—A.S., Newcastle, California
I wanted to let you know that the sling arrived last week, and we love it! A. (6 weeks) is so comfortable in it. She loves looking at the world around her, and eventually has wonderful naps in her sling (she's been in it for three hours at the moment!). Now, with the sling, we're mobile and happy! Yay!
—M.B., Halifax, Nova Scotia

I just received one of your slings yesterday and I LOVE it!!! I took it with me and my l'il J. slept in it, nursed in it, and was snug as a bug. Thank you!!! It is beautiful and very well made. [...] J. was not too crazy about the padded sling but when he sees me put on this one he starts squealing.
—B.B., Salem, Massachusetts
I received the sling, and I absolutely love it. Thank you for all your help. You have a wonderful business. [ . . . ] Happy holidays! Thank you for making mine easier. Now I can actually use my hands to do all the things I need to.
—M.P., Las Vegas, Nevada
I just got my sling in the mail today!!! I am soo excited to try it out, but unfortunately my son is having one of his fussy days today so I will have to wait until he is in a better mood to try it out. I did have him in for a couple of minutes and it felt SOOOO comfortable, way better than my awful Snugli! Thanks again for such an incredible product and great service!
[. . .] I just wanted to drop you a note telling you that after a year with my sling I am still happily wearing my son! I have actually been raving to every one of my friends who is pregnant, about your product and have been recommending it to anyone who listens.
—E.R., Williamswood, Nova Scotia
I found it tricky at first, but boy does my baby like it now! When I am out, if he gets tired I just put him in the cradle hold and he goes right to sleep! The sling is also great as it is so small and easy to pack. I will be travelling next week and am definitely taking it with us!!!
—J.E., Vancouver, British Columbia

My baby is five months old and has never been in a carrier. I didn't think that she would like it, but she does! She even nursed right away in the cradle hold.
V.O., Montreal, Quebec
. . . one can clearly see the time, effort, skill, dedication and love that has gone into the manufacturing of each product! . . . The parent panel commented that the Mei Tai was supportive and felt "so wonderful to wear!". Baby was content and enjoyed being carried in the Mei Tai.
—Success Through Play, San Jose, CA
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Sling fashionably: Finally, a comfortable and stylish sling—brought to us by cxd baby.
UrbanBaby magazine, Vancouver, British Columbia