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As of February 2009, we have closed our retail accounts in order to focus exclusively on on-line sales directly to the customer. You will still be able to order regular, custom-made, exclusive limited-run, and clearance items. For more information on why we decided to eliminate over 20 retailers, please visit our FAQs/Customer Care page.

If you're near one of the following centres, you may still be able to find one of our slings to try before you buy.

You can find a sling near you, to see, try on and gain experience, before buying. Because our mission is to promote a healthy parent-child bond, we have donated a ring sling to the following not-for-profit centres/organisations, to encourage parents to discover the beauty of babywearing. The slings will be the property of the centres, but will be accessible to all visiting parents to borrow on the premises. Please ask staff members for information.

We will attempt to have a kissed baby sling in as many locations as possible. If you are a part of, or know of, a not-for-profit organisation that would like to participate, please contact us.

Slings are currently available at:

> Bowmanville Ontario Early Years Centre
45 West Side Dr.
Bowmanville ON

London North Ontario Early Years Centre
265 Maitland St.
London ON

Community Care Midwives
195 Simcoe St N.
Oshawa ON

Rouge River Ontario Early Years Centre
2041 McCowan Rd.
Scarborough O


My wife purchased a sling from you some months back. I have to say that she loves it dearly, so much so that she won't let me use her sling when we take the twins out. So, I need to order a sling of my own.
—C.G., Boca Raton, Florida

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